Saturday, March 28, 2020

A Perfect Prayer for These Times

Dear Parish Faithful,

Synaxis of the Optina Elders

A Perfect Prayer for These Times - I believe that many of you have access to this extraordinary prayer and are hopefully offering it to God on a daily basis, but if not, please avail yourselves of the attachment. It is the "perfect" prayer for the day that is ahead of us as it focuses us on the will of God and a willingness to accept what the day brings to us with faith, hope and love. It is from the Optina Elders, spiritual guides of a very prominent monastery that flourished primarily in 19th c. Russia up to the Revolution.

Spending a Lot of Time Together ? - Some practical advice for married couples on how to navigate the rough waters of "domestic turmoil" - a.k.a. arguing - from a fine book on the Orthodox perspective of marriage by Bp. John Abdalah or the Antiochian Archdiocese and Nicholas Mamey.