Thursday, February 6, 2020

Followup to 'Byzantine Symphonia in the Nuclear Age'

Dear Parish Faithful,

Back in November 1 of last year, I wrote a reflection about the very troubling fact that in Russia there was a nationalist movement that was promoting the great saint, Seraphim of Sarov, as the patron of the country's nuclear weapons. This reflection was eventually posted on the OCA's website. 

With that in mind, you may want to read this recent tweet from a certain Greta Van Susteren writing for the blog According to what she writes/tweets, the Russian Orthodox Church is now "considering" a proposal that would ban all such blessings of nuclear weapons on the part of the Church. 

I, for one, hope that this "consideration" becomes a firm policy of the Church. Please click on the yellow highlight to read this reassuring update. Was the Church's newly-stated policy due to pressure from dissident voices that found such patronage morally intolerable? Hard to say, but this is encouraging news and I thought to share it as a "follow through" from what I wrote earlier.

Greta Van Susteren (@greta)