Friday, March 5, 2010

Fasting Abundantly

Dear Parish Faithful,

I noticed an article at entitled "Fasting Abundantly," by Fr. Vasile Catalin Tudora (if he is not Romanian, I will eat my keyboard). The subtitle of the article is intriguing and attractive: "Fasting is not what you give up, it's what you gain." He contrasts Western legalistic notions of fasting, based on "sacrifice" and "renunciation," with an Orthodox understanding that does not really embrace such terms or ideas. Fasting is ascetical and holistic and is meant to be liberating, as Fr. Vasile contends and demonstrates in his article. You may want to read this article for its many rich insights.

Fr. Steven

Webservant's Note: You may also wish to visit Gladsome Light Dialogues, the blog moderated by Fr. Vasile Catalin Tudora, which includes his article 'Fasting Abundantly', and many other rich expressions of our Orthodox Faith.

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  1. I would also bet he is Romanian. :))) LOL
    Thank you for your nice words Fr.


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