Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On Enduring Insults

Dear Parish Faithful,

GREAT LENT: The Thirty First Day

II. i. On Enduring Insults

a. The Abba Zosimas used to say: "There are different levels in people's desires. One person may desire something fervently, and that desire will be capable of leading that person to God at one moment; whereas another person will not reach that point in fifty years on account of a lukewarm desire."

b. When the demons notice that someone has been insulted or shamed or harmed or suffered something of the like, and yet that person is sorry not so much for what has happened but for not being able to endure these courageously, then the demons are afraid of such a strong will. For, they know that this person has touched upon the way of truth and had decided to walk in accordance with the commandments of God.

The Reflections of Abba Zosimas

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