Friday, January 14, 2022

"We are on this earth as if in a second maternal womb..."


Dear Parish Faithful,

Here is a wonderful text with which to begin your path through this Friday. The author is Amma Syncletica, one of the few Desert Mothers that we know about and have writings from.


Whatever we do or gain in this world, let us consider it insignificant in comparison to the eternal wealth that is to come. We are on this earth as if in a second maternal womb. In that inner recess we did not have a life such as we have here, for we did not have their solid nourishment such as we enjoy now, nor were we able to be active as we are here, and we existed without the light of the sun and of any glimmer of light.
Just as, then, when we were in that inner chamber, we did without many of the things of this world, so also in the present world we are impoverished in comparison with the kingdom of Heaven. We have sampled the nourishment here; let us reach for the Divine! We have enjoyed the light in this world; let us long for the sun of righteousness! Let us regard the heavenly Jerusalem as our homeland...  Let us live prudently in this world that we may obtain eternal life.

Amma Syncletica