Friday, July 24, 2015

Venerable Martyr and Grand Duchess Elizaveta

Dear Parish Faithful and Friends in Christ,

Martyr of the Communist Yoke

Last Saturday, July 18,  we commemorated the Venerable Martyr and Grand Duchess Elizaveta (Elizabeth) Feodorovna.  She was truly a remarkable woman who died as a martyr as the hands of the Bolsheviks on that date in 1918.  Her extraordinary life and her many accomplishments have been well-recorded through the years.  I focused on her within the homily at yesterday's Liturgy.  I have included here a brief synopsis of her life as found on the OCA webpage.

For those who would want to be more acquainted with her life, I have the following link to a book from her primary biographer, Lubov Millar: Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Russia

There is also a new-published children's version of her life with wonderful illustrations, found at the link below.  This life is from a excellent series of saint's lives from the hand of a Romanian Orthodox Christian and illustrator.  I read their version of the Life of St. Nektarios, and it was very well-done: Holy New Martyr Elizabeth, Grand Duchess of Russia

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