Friday, April 4, 2014

An Icon of Repentance

Dear Parish Faithful & Friends in Christ,

Yesterday evening, we had a wonderful reading of the entire Life of St. Mary of Egypt, in the context of the Canon of Repentance.  All that was missing were people to hear it!  This Life is one of the premier hagiographical works of the Church that has come down to us through the centuries (it was written by St. Sophronius of Jerusalem in the 7th c.). 

With his usual meticulous care, our webservant has prepared an excellent resource page on our parish website, that will give everyone access to an abbreviated form of her Life, together with many insightful reflections about this marvelous saint - a true "icon of repentance."

If you know nothing about St. Mary of Egypt, here is a great opportunity to fill in that gap.

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