Monday, November 8, 2010

A Final Incentive

Dear Parish Faithful and Friends in Christ,

I would like to add a final bit of "incentive" for participating in our upcoming Fall Adult Education Class beginning next Monday evening (Nov 8). Here is a paragraph from Sister Nonna Harrison in which she describes the over-all structure and purpose of her book, God's Many-Splendored Image:

Throughout the book we will listen to the prophetic voices of the early and Eastern Christian traditions that proclaim the true value and dignity of every human person and call us back to our authentic identity and purpose. Each chapter of this book explores a different facet of the divine image and likeness and maps out a path that can lead toward wholeness and holiness. We will begin each chapter with one of my childhood questions about human identity and a story that illustrates the question and begins to point toward an answer. Then we will explore early Christian writers, ideas, and stories that flesh out the answer. Each chapter describes a set of gifts included in the divine image and likeness and shows how they can be used and developed rightly and how they can be misused. Each chapter includes practical suggestions about how we can learn to turn away from past mistakes, become as God really intends us to be, and participate in God's loving work in the world.

To "become as God really intends us to be" - now that sounds exciting!

Fr. Steven

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