Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Christ is Risen!

We greet you on the Great Feast of Christ's Resurrection!

You may wish to explore Fr. Steven's Meditations tagged with 'Pascha' and 'Resurrection' (two different groups, with some overlap).

Listen to Fr. Steven's two-part special on Ancient Faith Radio,  Living in the Light of the Resurrection, given at a women's retreat at Holy Dormition Monastery in Rives Jct, MI. Part 1 is titled, Theological and Historical Aspects of the Resurrection, and part 2 is titled, Living in the Light of the Resurrection.

And we strongly recommend (re)visiting Fr. Steven's article, 'The Resurrection of Christ and the Rise of Christianity'. As Fr. Steven writes,

"The historical aspect of our Christian faith means that any historical evidence that can disprove the resurrection of Christ would immediately and definitively undermine that faith. But no such evidence exists. On the contrary, it points us toward the genuineness and authenticity of those very claims."

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