Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Orthodox Christian Meditations now have Comments

From the webservant:

We are now enabling the comments feature of our two blogs with the most potential for interaction: Orthodox Christian Meditations, and Orthodox Q&A Forum. This should enable greater 'give and take' on topics of interest, without the current cumbersome process of emailing comments to Fr. Steven and then his subsequent emailing of same back out to his lists. Here's how it will work:

- There is a link at the bottom of each post for 'Comments'. Click on that to open only the entry you are reading with space for comments immediately below the entry. Then follow the instructions to post your comments.

- Fr. Steven will receive an email notification when someone has posted a comment.

- At this stage, we are not monitoring comments before they are posted, so we are employing a blogger "honor system" worthy of our readership.

- Any comments considered inappropriate will be removed.

- Fr. Steven will from time to time post his own follow-up comments, which can enable some lively and fruitful online exploration of various topics.

- Readers may opt to become "followers" of our blogs. You can also subscribe for email or RSS messages notifying you of new meditations or comments.

- We have also added a search feature, so if you are looking for an item that caught your interest, it should be much easier to find it.

- The links to our website and other blogs, and the archives of previous Meditations remain unchanged.

We ask your patience while we are launching this new feature, and hope it becomes an blessed and enjoyable aspect of your online experience.

in Christ,
Ralph S.

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