Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The 38th Day: A Love Stronger than Death

Dear Parish Faithful,

GREAT LENT: The Thirty Eighth Day

"But as the antidote to sin, the death of Jesus Christ has broken its momentum. Christ has consumed its infernal roots and extracted its sting. The seed of justice sprouts in our humanity, which Christ bears. In loving obedience to the Father, Jesus in His humanity suffered to the end. He took on the anguish, deadly sadness, lonely agony, judgment, and the passion. Jesus also confronted suffering - not as a mythological hero or a stoic, impassible under the blows, but by anticipating, accepting, and refusing to hide from them, in 'a love as strong as death', as the Song of Songs says (8:6), or rather, in a love that is stronger than death."

From "The Compassion of the Father," by Boris Bobrinskoy

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