Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Daily Prayer

Dear Parish Faithful,

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

There is a wonderful daily prayer that many of you are familiar with and hopefully use on a, well ... daily basis. This prayer can be found in many Orthodox Prayer Books at the end of the Morning Rule of Prayer. It is usually entitled "The Morning Prayer of the Last Optina Elders." This refers to a famous 19th. c. Russian Orthodox Monastery known as Optina Pustyn, and the great elders who dwelt there. An "elder" or "eldress" in the Orthodox Tradition is almost always a monastic, known for his/her wisdom, spiritual gifts, and ability to guide many souls toward salvation. This particular monastery had a striking line of great elders from the early 19th c. through the Russian Revolution and the violent closure of the monastery. For those unfamiliar with this prayer, I would like to include it below for your continuing use in your personal Rule of Prayer. I hope that this will prove to be a lasting contribution to your new year. I will leave any further formatting to your preferences!

O Lord, grant that I may meet all that this coming day brings
to me with spiritual tranquility. Grant that I may fully
surrender myself to Thy holy Will.

At every hour of this day, direct and support me in all things.
Whatsoever news may reach me in the course of the day,
teach me to accept it with a calm soul and the firm
conviction that all is subject to Thy holy Will.

Direct my thoughts and feelings in all my words and actions.
In all unexpected occurrences, do not let me forget
that all is sent down from Thee.

Grant that I may deal straightforwardly and wisely
with every member of my family, neither
embarassing nor saddening anyone.

O Lord, grant me the strength to endure the fatigue of the
coming day and all the events that take place during it.
Direct my will and teach me to pray, to believe,
to hope, to be patient, to forgive, and to love.


Fr. Steven

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