Monday, March 5, 2018

Victory over the Passions

Dear Parish Faithful,
GREAT LENT - The fifteenth day
"For us, the beginning of this imitation (of Christ) is Holy Baptism, a type of the Lord's Burial and Resurrection. The mean is the life of virtue according to the Gospel. The end is the victory over the passions through spiritual struggles, a victory that introduces us to the painless, imperishable and heavenly life."
St. Gregory Palamas (+1359)
Who is St. Gregory Palamas? - Yesterday, on the Second Sunday of Great Lent, we commemorated the "towering figure" of St. Gregory Palamas. And yet, the question remains: just how many of today's Orthodox faithful are aware of St. Gregory? Trying to help make him a "household name" - in least in Orthodox homes - I focused on St. Gregory in the homily and post-Liturgy discussion. That was at best an introduction.To further that effort, I am providing a link to a good summary of his life that includes some of the major theological issues that he responded so brilliantly to. Please make the effort to read about this great saint who is one of our great teachers about prayer and life in Christ:
We commemorated St. Gregory on  the same day that the Academy Awards were taking place, and Oscars were being handed out. If we happen to know some of those "stars" who entertain us so well, perhaps we can also know this saint who initiates us into the mysteries of Christ so well.

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