Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Smile from Eternity

Dear Parish Faithful,

I had to send along these remarkable photographs and the explanatory texts below. This is an incredible example of what we mean by "falling asleep in the Lord." Have you ever seen anyone in a coffin with such a smile on his face?! No wonder the article is entitled "A Smile From Eternity." All of the eyewitnesses must have been overwhelmed with the certainty that they were burying a saint. The Holy Mountain - Mt. Athos - has a great reputation for sanctity even to this day.

Fr Steven

Webservant's Note: Rather than reproduce the full articles and photos in our blog, here are the direct links to the Vatopedi articles for you to follow this amazing story:

A Smile from Eternity
This warm, brief article describes the funeral of Blessed Elder Joseph and the effect his radiant smile had on all those present. (Note: the website seems to be in Greek, but the article has been translated into English - just scroll down.)

Why is the Smile of Elder Joseph of Vatopedi from Eternity?
As the photos and text in this article show, Elder Joseph did not repose smiling, but rather, his smile appeared some forty-five minutes after his death!

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