Friday, November 30, 2007

Blessed Dissatisfaction, continued...

Dear Parish Faithful,

As a follow-up to yesterday's Theological Thoughts about "blessed dissatisfaction," I wanted to share this wonderful and eloquent entry from Fr. Alexander Elchaninoff's Diary of a Russian Priest:

What is this continual sense of dissatisfaction, of anxiety, which we normally feel within us, save the stifled voice of conscience speaking to us inwardly in the subconscious level, and often contradicting our own will and declaring the untruth that our life is? As long as we live in conflict with the law of light which has been granted us, this voice will not be silent, for it is the voice of God Himself in our soul. On the other hand, that rare feeling of keen satisfaction, of plenitude and joy, is the happiness caused by the union of the divine principle in our soul with the universal harmony and the divine essence of the world.

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