Friday, May 11, 2018

'This victory began on the night of the Resurrection'

Dear Parish Faithful,

Christ is Risen! 
Indeed He is Risen!

“If we ask ourselves once again what the essence of Christianity is, we must give the following answer: it is God manhood; that is, the union of the human spirit, which is finite and limited in time, with the divine, which is infinite. It is the sanctification of the flesh from the moment the Son of Man adopted our joys and sufferings: that which we construct, our love, our work, nature, the world in which He found Himself and in which He was born as man and as God-Man.

"None of that is rejected; nothing is humiliated. It is rather raised to a new level. In Christianity the world is sanctified: evil, darkness, and sin are vanquished. This is God’s victory. This victory began on the night of the Resurrection, and it will continue as long as the world exists.”

The quote above was Fr. Alexander’s last public words before he was brutally murdered while on his way to church (1990's).

Excerpt is taken from the book - Alexander Men: A Witness for Contemporary Russia.

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