Friday, December 11, 2015

The Nativity Narratives

Dear Parish Faithful,

Something a bit different this Friday morning ...

The Evangelist Luke
At yesterday's morning Bible Study, our participants were "treated" to a surprise - a "pop quiz" that dealt with the Nativity narratives in the Gospels of Sts. Matthew (1-2) and Luke (1-2). The group was overjoyed. 

Since the two accounts of the details surrounding the birth of the Lord are often quite different, the quiz tested everyone's awareness of which familiar events belong to which of these two Gospels.  We, of course, unconsciously harmonize the two Gospels, which is quite fine; but it is also very helpful to be able to make those distinctions. In this way, we learn the "mind" of each evangelist and his intentions in telling the account of the Lord's Nativity in his particular manner. Since you may also be studying the Nativity narratives at the moment, I thought that you would also like to be "treated" to the same quiz.

Notice the key at the top of the page.  As you will see, you will have to choose one of four possible answers to each question.  I would suggest taking the quiz and then checking your "grade" on your own.  If your score leaves you a bit unimpressed, then I would suggest re-taking the quiz after familiarizing yourselves with the two distinct Nativity accounts.  I will supply the answers next week.

Could be a good learning (and humbling?) experience!

At the same time, I am also attaching a list of the common elements that can found in both Sts. Matthew and Luke.  This is equally important to grasp, since these converging elements are thus found in two distinct traditions about the Lord's Nativity.

Nativity Narrative Test (PDF)

Eleven Shared Points in the Two Infancy Narratives (PDF)

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