Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Church New Year - Possibility for Renewal

Dear Parish Faithful,

The Church New Year will begin on Tuesday, September 1. New beginnings always hold out the possibility of renewal. As members of the Church - the Body of Christ - we thus have the opportunity to re-commit ourselves to the life "in Christ" as presented in the Gospels and in the life of the Church.  The goal is the "salvation of our souls." (I PET. 1:9). 

At the beginning of the Church New Year, I try to send out a couple of practical reminders about some of the most basic components of our corporate and personal lives as Orthodox Christians.  Therefore, I have attached an outline I wrote on maintaining the discipline of a Rule of Prayer; and a summary of Preparation for Receiving Holy Communion. 

As familiar as you may be with these essential practices, you may still want to look at these summaries by way of reminder and, if necessary, renewal.  Getting "back to the basics" - or the ABCs of Church life - may be just what is needed to pursue "the one thing needful."

Fr. Steven

Getting Closer to God - A Rule of Prayer

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